Data tools that anyone can build.

Supersheets enables anyone to build tools on top of your database without writing any code. You can find and transform data like you're in a spreadsheet, as well as sync data to your Google Sheets.

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Take a look at your data. Once you've found the data you're looking for, view it in a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Filter and sort with a click. Just like with a filter in excel you can easily find the records you want and sort them.

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Create the views that you need. Pivot tables let you transform data to create the data you're looking for.

View on top of views. Supersheets lets you build on top of the data views that you create. This is similar to referencing a different workbook in excel, except far more robust and powerful.

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Sync data into the tools you already use. Supersheets integrates with your Google Sheets account and other SaaS apps, so that you can use the data where you need it day to day.

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Work with your data analsyts. Everything you do in supersheets is converted in SQL queries that your analysts will find easy to understand.

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